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Awesomecon Here We Come!

We’re so excited to head back to Awesomecon this year! This will be our official 1 year anniversary and we can’t wait! We launched at Awesomecon last year, and this year we’ll be there with our full line, featuring our brand new liners, as well as our Standard, XL, and Heavy pads! Come check us out in Pride Alley! We’ll be cosplaying all three days as well, and can’t wait to see you there!

But enough talk, here’s some prep pictures and some highlights from last year!



We’ve paired up with a wonderful woman that makes reusable wet bags, some of which are the perfect size for our pads! We made some themed sets with a discount for buying multiples, but we’re happy to make a set however you like!


We’re also offering Gift Certificates on our Etsy store, good for any one pad, and including a wetbag of your choice! Have a look at some of the great ones to choose from.

We’ve been adding a lot more prints to our store, and we’re also working to make it a little easier to shop at our Etsy store, by setting up different sections so that it’s easy to find.

We’re also prepping for our next convention season, so get ready to see us out and about in a couple months!


We had an amazing time at Baltimore Comicon! It was so great to see our amazing customers, and to meet so many people! We had a ton of fun cosplaying on Saturday, and debuting our new prints! (There are so many, check them out!) We’ve got some amazing pictures of our booth, and even more on our Us At Work page, along with a link to a Rose Quartz cosplay tutorial that Erin put together.

We can’t wait to go to Baltimore Comic Con next weekend!! It’s coming up quickly, but our production is right on schedule. (My cosplay, however, needs a bit more attention)

Have some new progress pictures! We are going to have some brand new designs at Comic Con, so stop by to check them out!


New Prints!

We are constantly scouting for new prints to use for our pads. We’ve found some great ones lately, and have added them to our library! Take a look, and head over to our etsy store to place an order.

Making Pads!

We’ve been hard at work making pads to fill our orders. We’re just sending out the last of our AwesomeCon orders, and filling the ones placed after AwesomeCon! It’s been really amazing and humbling to see the support we’re getting.

Anyway, enough talk! Lets have some pictures!

In Progress pads! Freshly cut
Finished Mario Pad!


Finished Dr Who pad!


13396615_10153662291472960_352511005_o (1)

We had a great time at Awesomecon this weekend!! We’re just getting settled back in, and getting started on all of our pre-orders!! Keep an eye out for our in-progress photos and updates here and on Facebook!


Time for Questions!

We’re getting ready to launch and we need input from you! Tell us what you want, need, nay, CRAVE in absorbent wear, and we will fulfill your dreams! Possibly.   Enjoy!

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